GRE evaluates more than just test taking skills

  • The GRE is used by grad schools to evaluate a candidate's skills.
    The GRE is used by grad schools to evaluate a candidate's skills.

    GRE evaluates more than just test taking skills


    Some of the most challenging parts of the graduate school application process are the tests students are required to take. Depending on the program of study, certain test scores are weighted more than others — and some aren’t even required. Before applying, it’s important that students know exactly what is required to ensure the best possible consideration for acceptance. In the case of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), many graduate schools require applicants to complete the test and submit their best score.

    Test scores can also say a lot about a person’s character, noted Kaplan. Studying requires a person to put aside other responsibilities and devote time and effort into performing effective research. That alone is a key indicator of ambition and problem-solving. Also, the act of taking the test multiple times until a satisfactory score is achieved shows determination and ambition. By persevering through challenges and not accepting failure, a candidate can prove he or she is more than capable of succeeding in grad school.

    To accommodate students in their GRE studies, the makers of the program have attempted to make the exam more accessible in certain popular locations. Last October, the Educational Testing Service reported that additional testing opportunities would be available for test takers in the New York area specifically. The tests would take place on Saturdays so it would be more convenient for those who work weekdays. The Financial District in Manhattan served as the destination for professionals in the area who wish to take the exam when it best fits in with their schedule. The added convenience allows applicants to showcase their skills in a more relaxed setting and, in turn, get their best grade possible.

    By Monique Smith

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