New developments benefit law students

  • New developments benefit law students

    Those pursuing an advanced degree in law now have more opportunities than ever to get a high quality education and immediately apply their skills to the field. New developments are being made to accommodate students and make it easier for them to follow their dreams of a legal career. Some schools are beginning to offer more accelerated programs to provide them with the education they need in less time so they can get to work as quickly as possible. Additionally, prestigious organizations are offering complimentary memberships for students to make them more accessible and give everyone helpful resources to start their career.

    “Schools are offering an accelerated approach to law education.”

    3-3 program
    While a Juris Doctor degree typically takes a total of seven years to complete, a number of schools are offering a program designed to slightly reduce the amount of required time. According to, the University of Nebraska College of Law and the Creighton University School of Law are two schools that are allowing some law students to take an accelerated approach to law school. With this program, called the 3-3 program, students are able to earn the degree in six years. This means one year of school time, and the accompanying tuition and expenses, can be eliminated.

    “It takes a student that’s a little more motivated,” Tracy Warren, assistant dean for admissions at the University of Nebraska College of Law, told the source.

    Students in the program are expected to complete all of their course requirements by the end of their junior year of undergraduate study. They earn their degree following their senior year, which doubles as their first year of law school. The program requires rigorous coursework and summer classes, which is quite challenging for a program of study that’s naturally demanding and competitive. However, the benefits of an accelerated degree make it worthwhile.

    Free membership
    In addition to special programs designed to ease the financial burden of law school, the American Bar Association is attempting to help students. It’s offering free membership to all law students at ABA-approved schools. This opens up all of the advantages of membership, including access to career advice, resources for continuing education and a job board tailored specifically to legal professionals – all free of charge.

    “It’s exciting that now all law students will be able to tap into the impressive ABA community and services to enhance their law school experience,” said ABA President William C. Hubbard. “Through their ABA membership, students will find resources tailored to their interests and needs, opportunities to build their professional skills, plus access to the ABA’s job listings, clerkships, internships, career events and national network of America’s top lawyers.”

    More than 119,000 law students that are a part of ABA-approved schools are eligible for free memberships. In the past, membership dues cost students $25 each year, which may not seem like much of a discount, but it’s a step in the right direction. Even the smallest forms of financial help can add up to a lot of relief when it involves a student’s educational investment.

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