Schools develop ways to encourage law students

  • Schools develop ways to encourage law students

    Those with ambitions to practice law typically have certain innate qualities, including drive, dedication and great communication skills. These skills are put to the test throughout their careers as well as throughout the job-seeking process. The job market for lawyers has declined over the past few years, and competition for employment upon graduation is fierce. Fortunately, a number of law schools are working to help students throughout the process.

    “Some colleges are offering to help law students in their job searches.”

    Providing a ‘safety net’
    Brooklyn Law School recently developed a program called Bridge-to-Success, which was designed to assist law students in their job search. The school announced that it will reimburse graduates 15 percent of their out-of-pocket tuition costs if they don’t secure a job after nine months following graduation. This is reassuring for students who are hesitant to attend law school because of the currently volatile job market. The program also connects students with counselors and other resources that can aid them in their job search.

    “Bridge to Success is designed to ease the pressure for some students to settle for any job to pay for living expenses and pay off loans,” Nicholas W. Allard, president and dean of Brooklyn Law School, said in a press release. “We are determined to provide the counseling and financial support needed in some cases, to buy extra time, in order to land the job that fits a graduate’s talent and passion.”

    Lowering tuition
    Aside from career guidance, colleges are offering different forms of assistance for law students. The New York Times noted that earlier this year, a number of law schools cut tuition costs to encourage greater attendance — and Brooklyn Law School is one of them. The University of Iowa, Roger Williams University, Pace University and Penn State are also joining the list.

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the projected job outlook through 2022 doesn’t seem to be alarming. It’s projected to grow 10 percent, which is average across all professions. However, the source noted that the demand often fluctuates in cycles, and the industry is closely connected to the state of the economy. Attending a college that helps in the job search can make all the difference.

    By Monique Smith

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