Summer Reading List for Grad Students

  • Summer Reading List for Grad Students

    There's a reason why summer reading is such a popular concept. Curling up with a good book on the beach or at a park under a tree is a great way to unwind and stay mentally sharp. For grad students who opt out of a summer semester, reading is the perfect activity to keep learning even when class is no longer in session. The following are books that can be especially helpful for students pursuing an advanced degree.

    Even a Geek Can Speak, by Joey Asher
    No matter what line of work a grad student pursues, he or she can benefit from learning effective communication skills. "Even a Geek Can Speak" goes beyond the usual tips for being a great public speaker, and explains helpful, easy digestible concepts for interesting story telling and confident leadership. It's specifically targeted toward high-tech professionals who may be equipped with interesting technical knowledge but don't know the best way to communicate it to others. However, even those outside of the technology arena can benefit from reading these helpful tips for turning complex ideas into simple concepts that everyone can understand.

    By Monique Smith

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