The main differences between undergrad and grad school

  • The main differences between undergrad and grad school

    Students who are enrolled in grad school expect to be busy. They expect to utilize all of the skills they learned in undergrad and even combine them with what they acquired as professionals, if applicable. However, they might not know what to expect when it comes to the differences in coursework, professors, curriculums and campus life. Follow this guide to learn about the key changes a student experiences in the transition from undergrad to grad.

    Grad programs are usually more specialized
    A student's educational foundation is typically built in undergrad, and as a result the curriculum can be more inclusive. As a student graduates and moves on to grad school, the educational focus becomes narrower, subject matter gets more specific and class size gets smaller. 

    Campus life is less of a community
    In undergrad, a great deal of emphasis may have been placed on campus life and getting involved in sports and activities to socialize with other students. However, because not as many students live on campus in grad school, there's less of a sense of community. In grad school, the focus is more on independent research and improvement, and less on building a social network. However, networking with fellow graduate students can be helpful for your future career.

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