What is a law studies program?


	The new program allows students to study online.
    The new program allows students to study online.

    What is a law studies program?

    In the digital age an increasing number of universities throughout the nation are offering new master’s degree programs online, across an array of disciplines. One popular online course of study, available at a number of institutions, is a master’s program in law or legal studies. According to Washington University in St. Louis, law studies courses are designed to educate professionals that need some degree of legal understanding, but do not wish to practice law. Examples of such professionals include human resources executives, managers, politicians and medical professionals. It must be stressed that such credentials are not regarded as law degrees and students who obtain them will not be eligible to sit for the bar exam.

    The prestigious University of Southern California is just one institution offering a new online master’s degree in law studies, alongside a business law certificate program. The application process is now open, with the first classes set to take place in the fall 2016 semester. 

    Details of the new programs
    The advanced degree programs are designed for recent graduates and current professionals with bachelor’s degrees that are looking to expand their knowledge of the legal system. The purpose of the programs is to provide students with a deeper understanding of U.S. law and how it might relate to certain academic or professional areas they are interested in pursuing. Indeed, in terms of business especially,  the press release noted that in today’s competitive market place employers are increasingly searching for candidates with a decent understanding of how the law relates to corporations.  

    Students opting to take one of the new programs will consolidate their expertise in a number of areas, from using advanced legal terminology to conducting legal research, to penning law-related essays. Furthermore, given the fact that both advanced credentials are offered online, the flexibility will allow students to carry out their studies alongside any other professional or academic commitments. The source noted that the master in law studies can be completed in as little as three semesters, while the business law certificate can be finished in just two. All schedules are tailored to the individual student and can be as flexible as necessary. The entry requirements state that all students must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, in any field, to be considered. 

    The Los Angeles Daily News reported that students enrolling in the master’s program in particular are eligible for the following courses: Introduction to the U.S. legal system, Legal Profession, Legal Research, Topics in American Law, Business Organizations, Business for Lawyers, Mergers Acquisitions and Contract Drafting Strategy. 

    About USC
    The University of Southern California is a world-class private research university, based in Los Angeles, California. The institution offers a vast array of both undergraduate and graduate degrees across a number of disciplines. USC is renowned for blending traditional liberal arts with professional education, enabling students to explore a number of fields in their pursuit of deeper and more comprehensive knowledge.

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