5 podcasts for MBA students

  • 5 podcasts for MBA students

    Whether you’re currently pursuing a graduate degree in Business & Commerce or browsing different programs at the moment, you might be looking for entertaining and educational listening material to enjoy while commuting to the office or classroom, drinking your morning coffee or falling asleep. Podcasts are becoming one of the most popular entertainment mediums. Listeners love that they can consume them on the go, and that they are available in an on-demand format, so they can pick and choose exactly what episodes they’d like to listen to.

    If you’re looking to get hooked on a new podcast (or several), you might consider enjoying one that will entertain and inspire you. We’ve created a list of five of our favorite business-related podcasts that you can listen to no matter what level you’re at in your career, from an idealistic intern to a seasoned executive:

    1. How I Built This

    This popular business podcast is a go-to choice for everyone from MBA students and business development interns to VPs and CEOs. Each episode includes an interview with the creators and entrepreneurs behind some of the world’s most prominent businesses. When you listen, you can learn how business innovators grew their empires from humble beginnings to what they are today. Some episodes you may be interested in listening to feature interviews with the leaders behind Peloton, Wikipedia, Ben & Jerry’s and Lyft.

    2. TED Radio Hour

    Produced by NPR and based on the successful TED Talk videos, this podcast features inspiring speakers who touch on a variety of subjects. Unlike other podcasts, you might want to pick and choose which ones to listen to based on your interests, as not every episode targets business professionals. We guarantee you’ll learn a thing or two every time you tune in.

    3. HBR’s Women at Work

    Whether you’re a female MBA student or not, it’s important to learn about women’s role in the workplace. In the post #MeToo era, organizations have altered their approaches to gender dynamics and developed programs to promote a space that is free of sexual harassment, discrimination and other factors impacting working women. This podcast will likely introduce you to real-world issues and concepts you may not approach in the graduate school classroom, but you may come into direct contact with during your first few years on the job.

    4. The Marketing Companion

    If you’re interested in the marketing side of business, it may be wise to listen to a podcast that hones in on this focus. The Marketing Companion podcast is described as “a spicy blend of good fun and powerful insight.” Hosts Mark Schaefer and Brooke Sellas are masters of their craft, offering insight on all areas of the field, from content creation to social media to marketing analytics. You’ll learn something new with every episode and have a few chuckles along the way.

    5. Freakonomics

    You may have read the Freakonomics book in a business class or on your own time. It’s an insightful, interesting and entertaining piece of nonfiction. However, the book was published over 10 years ago, and the field of economics has changed drastically in the last decade. The Freakonomics podcast is the perfect choice for MBA students who want to learn the hidden side of business and human nature as it exists in the present, not just how it was in 2005. The book’s co-author, Stephen J. Dubner, leads the show through some of the following topics:

    • What we can learn about people based on the most popular Google searches
    • How we can use data to discover best parenting practices
    • How to draft the best apologies

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