The 2 most important factors in choosing a business school

  • Location is everything when choosing a business school.
    Location is everything when choosing a business school.

    The 2 most important factors in choosing a business school

    Students pursue an MBA for a number of reasons. For starters, they can expect to start out at a higher salary than their peers with a bachelor’s degree. They also have a better shot at getting hired immediately after graduating.  If they’re already working, there’s a greater chance of accelerated advancement. Earning an MBA can open doors and translate to more money and better opportunities, and that’s why so many students are looking into MBA programs. With all of the notable universities in the country, how can students make sure they’re choosing the right one for them? Here’s what students should look for when deciding on a business school.

    1. Location

    First and foremost, the school’s location should be considered – and not just for geographical proximity. Students who are balancing school and a full time job may need to limit their search to a specific radius, full time students can afford to be more flexible if necessary. Some cities are ideal for certain industries. For example, Texas is a hub for oil and gas professionals, Michigan is ideal for people in the automotive space and so on. Prospective students should decide on a location that fits in with their desired career path.

    Additionally, alumni are great connections to have when it comes to job searching. Students should factor in the proximity of their professional network when deciding on a location.

    “You should research whether there is a large concentration of alumni in your desired industry nearby,” Shelly Heinrich, Director, MBA Admissions, Georgetown University McDonough School of Business, explained on “Would you have to fly or catch a train to meet them, and, therefore, spend money and time? If your answer is yes for your dream school, it’s not a deal breaker, but is a consideration.”

    “Consider the size of the MBA program.”

    2. Class size

    Some people flourish in a large lecture-style learning environment, while others perform better in a more intimate, discussion-based classroom. This can make a significant impact in how students enjoy their experience in business school, so it’s important for them to consider this before deciding on a school. Also, students should be sure to focus on the size of the program, rather than the size of the school. Just because a university has thousands of students, it doesn’t necessarily mean classes will be large. Students should hone in on the program itself for more accurate insight into how many other students will be in attendance.

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