What you can do with a master's degree in international business

  • Financial analysts evaluate trends in the U.S. as well as the global economy.
    Financial analysts evaluate trends in the U.S. as well as the global economy.

    What you can do with a master's degree in international business

    An advanced degree in international business is ideal for students looking to gain a global mindset regarding the business world. A graduate degree in international business can educate students on global operations, such as international marketing, finance, supply chain management, entrepreneurship and project management. With an understanding of these practices, students can pursue a variety of careers in the Business & Commerce industries.

    International financial manager
    Financial managers are responsible for developing strategies for their organization’s short- and long-term monetary goals. They draft financial statements, pursue ways to reduce company costs, advise executives and senior management on tactics to increase profits and supervise other finance and budgeting staff members. Financial managers should be detail-oriented, analytical and skilled in mathematics. This career has a positive job outlook, with a projected 19 percent increase through 2026. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for financial managers is $125,080.

    Financial analyst
    Financial analysts help businesses make investment decisions, often involving the purchasing of stocks and bonds. An international business degree can help analysts understand global economic trends, politics and practices. If you specialize in the financial analysis of a different country, you may need to learn the language to properly conduct business in this area. This may open up opportunities to perform business outside the U.S. The BLS listed the median financial analyst salary as $84,300.

    Interpreter or translator
    Interpreters and translators help provide a bridge of communication for people who speak different languages. Translators typically work with written languages, while interpreters use spoken or sign languages in their everyday work. They can be used in several types of industries, such as government, publishing, media, health care or travel. Individuals who know two languages fluently can work as a translator or interpreter. If they want to increase their employability, they might want to learn even more languages. Ethnologue listed the top five spoken languages in the world as Chinese, Spanish, English, Arabic and Hindi. Since English is spoken in the most countries, you should benefit from fluency in this language. The BLS reported a job outlook increase of 18 percent for interpreters and translators, a growth that is much higher than average.

    International marketing manager
    Marketing managers are in charge of the coordination and planning of marketing programs and initiatives. They might observe marketing trends and develop resulting strategies to increase their business’ revenue. For business graduates who are more interested in the marketing field than one in finance, this could be a great career for you. Unless you have several years of experience, you might have to work your way up to a marketing manager position by starting as a marketing specialist, digital marketing analyst or social media strategist. Once you move up the corporate ladder, you might receive a figure close to the median marketing manager salary of $132,230, according to the BLS. Job growth for this career is approximately 10 percent through 2026.

    Other career options
    PayScale listed more common job titles for graduates with a Master of Business Administration in International Business and their average salaries, which included:

    • Project manager: $77,968
    • Business development manager: $91,079
    • Operations manager: $72,762
    • Account manager: $71,832
    • Chief financial officer: $147,091
    • International sales manager: $78,599
    • Human resources manager: $71,446

    No matter which path you choose, one of the best ways to improve your chances of being hired may be to earn a master’s degree in international business. With the right education, prospective employers may appreciate your global mindset.

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