Sports management program announced in Midwest

  • Increase your chances of becoming a sports management professional.
    Increase your chances of becoming a sports management professional.

    Sports management program announced in Midwest

    A sports game is a fun way for some people to unwind and enjoy their free time, but for others, it’s part of their career. Those who wish to work in this field often meet challenging competition, as the industry is rather popular. Fortunately for those who share this ambition, there’s a way to get a step closer to making that dream a reality.

    Degree gives students an advantage
    The University of Southern Indiana recently reported on the new sport management program that is in the works for the school. A Master of Science in Sport Management degree could be available as soon as fall 2015 pending approval this summer. The school will offer the advanced degree to open up more opportunities for students interested in the field.

    “There’s a growing need for sport management professionals in Indiana.”

    This change stems from recent reports of a growing need for sport management professionals in Southern Indiana specifically. Positions like sports administrators, officials, agents, and meeting and convention planners, to name a few, are in high demand, and the opportunity for employment in this field will continue to grow through 2020, noted the source. Development of these types of programs is very timely, and interested students should start taking advantage of them.

    Sport management programs in general teach students the fundamentals of what goes into financial management, promotional activities, and talent scouting involved in the field of athletics. It combines the world of sports and business, and covers all of the intricacies of turning a popular form of entertainment into a money making industry.

    What the future holds
    The Midwest isn’t the only region of the country in which the opportunity for jobs in sport management is growing. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of coaches and scouts is expected to grow 15 percent through 2022 throughout the nation. This is a rate that’s faster than average across all other industries. Still, coaching and scouting are just two of the many careers that professionals with a sport management degree can pursue. When it comes to other professions, such as referees and other sports officials, job opportunities are projected to grow 8 percent through 2022, which is about as fast as most other professions.

    Universities must remain competitive, and enhancing their athletics department is one of the major ways in which they apply that effort. This is partially why there’s a growing need for scouts and coaches, as well as sports officials. The need is even greater for girls’ and women’s sports. However, BLS noted that higher competition is expected for sports officials within men’s college level sports, and even greater in professional athletics.

    When pursuing one of these careers, the source explained that, first and foremost, it’s important for professionals to have a solid understanding of the sport in which they’re interested. While previous experience playing for a sports team can help, it’s not necessarily required. Holding a degree in a sports management can increase the odds of being successful in the industry, and the graduate school experience can put students in contact with key professionals.

    By Monique Smith

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